Come enjoy William's Landing shared ownership cottages on our 47-acre scenic property along 3000 ft of rugged and beautifully treed shoreline on beautiful Lake Kashagawigamog in Haliburton Cottage Country.

Driving or hiking around William's Landing, you are bound to come across some wild turkeys.  In this picture, taken in early Feb 2018, there were over 30 turkeys crossing Lake Kash Road. But, did you know that prior to 1984, wild tukeys were nowhere to be found in Ontario?  They were re-introduced at that time.

Read this excerpt froma story written by John Spratt in 2011 for the North Bay Nipissing News site.

"In 1984, Ontario received 274 wild turkeys from various U.S. states in exchange for river otters, partridge, geese and moose. Dr. David Ankney, a retired biology professor at the University of Western Ontario, was one of the main catalysts in bringing the bird back to the province. “Some people call it biological poker: ‘I’ll see your moose and raise you two turkeys,’” he said with a laugh. The birds are now believed to number as high as 100,000 in the province; quite impressive considering that in the early 20th century, wild turkeys were completely wiped off the map in Ontario."

Read the entire story at the following link.