As of October 12th, here's the Fall Colour Report for Minden/Haliburton: 80% change; 20% leaf fall

Predominant colours:  Green, with reds and yellows

Best viewing opportunities:

  • Dorset Fire Tower, Hwy 35 north to Dorset
  •  Buttermilk Falls
  • Leslie Frost Centre
  • Marsh’s Falls on the Oxtongue River
  • around Carnarvon

Climb atop the Eagle’s Nest in Bancroft for a breathtaking view of the York River Valley.

Now is the time to head to the Dorset Fire Tower - the colours are spectacular. The tower’s observation deck sits 142 meters (465 feet) above Lake of Bays and offers a breathtaking panoramic view. If you’d rather not do the climb, there are ground level lookouts, hiking trails picnic areas, and a gift shop.