Lots of snow on April Fools Day

In case any of you are wondering...YES...there is still a lot of snow at Williams Landing in the spring of 2019.  And, this is not an April Fools joke.  The plows are still busy, you still need your snow tires and  the ice is still frozen over.  Our Williams Landing property is beautiful this morning.  Sun is shining, bright blue skies. No breeze whatsover. 

Wild Turkeys near William's Landing Cottages

Driving or hiking around William's Landing, you are bound to come across some wild turkeys.  In this picture, taken in early Feb 2018, there were over 30 turkeys crossing Lake Kash Road. But, did you know that prior to 1984, wild tukeys were nowhere to be found in Ontario?  They were re-introduced at that time.

Docks being lifted into the Lake at William's Landing

Have you ever wondered how we get our docks in and out of Lake Kash?   Have a look at these pictures.  The docks are lifted by Hopskins Crane Service from Minden.  The docks were put into the water within a week of the last remants of ice disappeared off the lake....near freezing temperatures.

William's Landing cottagers enjoyed an incredibly nice Fall in 2017.  The weather was exceptionally warm, with many of us taking full advantage of the warm weather and the warm water.  For those of us that were up around Thanksgiving,  the water was warm enough to swim every day.  

As of October 12th, here's the OntarioTravel.net Fall Colour Report for Minden/Haliburton: 80% change; 20% leaf fall

Predominant colours:  Green, with reds and yellows

Best viewing opportunities:

  • Dorset Fire Tower, Hwy 35 north to Dorset

Haliburton has a very vibrant social scene with lots of things to see and do ranging from festivals, arts & crafts and many summer and winter activities. Great web sites to check for ideas are www.fyihaliburton.comhttp://www.yoursoutdoors.ca, as well as www.myhaliburtonhighlands.com