Your digital ad on this website will reach a target audience with disposable income who love Haliburton County. Introduce your real estate brokerage to families who enjoy cottage life and are seriously thinking about either buying an interval at William's Landing or a freehold cottage. Williams Landing Cottages Ad Rates

We also have traffic to our website from folks who are looking to either sell a cottage interval, or rent a week or more at one of our beautiful cottages.

Our audience has disposable income for fine dining and hospitality; boating and marine services; golf, fishing and other recreational experiences. Our cottagers would love to learn about what your business has to offer.

We limit the number of ads on each webpage to avoid clutter and keep the focus on your digital banner.

Please download our Advertising Rates Guide which provides details on the ad sizes and placement on each webpage. This guide will enable your graphic artist to create an eye-catching digital ad. We can link your ad either to the homepage of your website, or a specific digital campaign landing page.


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