William's Landing was named in honour of William T. Ramsay who bought the property in 1916 to use as a remote wilderness retreat and hunting camp. In 1917, he had the land cleared and built an impressive two-storey log summer home for his family.

William Ramsay was a true cottage pioneer having built one of the first cottages on the lake. His children later built more cottages along the shore and it remained as a family compound until 1945. At that time, it was purchased by the Reverend John Aubone Boothroyd Hoyle, who started Camp Gay Venture, a well respected children's camp that ran for over 45 years. The Hoyle, Patterson and Adamson cottages are named after the three camp directors.

The artwork in each cottage at William's Landing reflects the rich history of the property as well as that of the Haliburton Highlands. In each of the cottages there is an aerial photograph of the camp as it was before being transformed into William's Landing. There are also photographs depicting early camp life at Gay Venture and early Haliburton life, courtesy of Haliburton Highlands Museum.

Lastly, in each cottage there is a collage representing the current owners of the cottage - the families who are starting a new chapter in the history of this special place.

Enjoy some pictures from Camp Gay Venture below.